Company Profile

Founded in Hong Kong in August 2019. the main business is the research and development, production and international trade services of machine tools, parts and related accessories. The company is committed to providing customers with Φ 0.1 ~ Φ 7.0mm slender shaft parts processing a complete set of solutions, and provide auxiliary tools including grinding tool special working machine, grinding flat drill special working machine, full-automatic multi-station CNC special machine, etc. Other accessories available include turning tools, collets, collet guides and feeders. Products are widely used in aerospace, communications, home appliances, hardware, watches, medical equipment, auto parts and other fields. At present, customers have spread throughout Europe, Southeast Asia,Hong Kong,Taiwan and other regions. The company has three cooperative enterprises in Guangdong Province, each of which has been established for nearly 20 years, and has many exhibition halls, factories and offices. Therefore, the company's vision is to connect industry partners at home and abroad to solve practical problems for customers.

Main products (in stock):

1. Mechanical equipment: CNC slitting automatic lathe focusing on Φ 0.1 ~ Φ 7.0mm slender shaft parts, with independently developed operating system. The main models include KC114, KC117, CK1101, CK1104, etc;

2. Accessories/accessories: feeder, self-developed knife sharpener, special working machine for grinding turning knife, special working machine for grinding flat drill, full-automatic multi-station numerical control special machine, industrial consumables, etc;

3. Equipment parts: turning tool blade, tool bar, spring chuck/guide sleeve, lubricant, grinding and cutting consumables, etc;

4. According to the actual needs of customers, customized products.


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More than 20 invention patents

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More than 20 invention patents