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Development Trend of CNC Machine Tools

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the continuous development of numerical control technology and the expansion of application fields, it plays an increasingly important role in the development of some important industries (T, automobile, light industry, medical, etc.) role, because the digitization of the equipment needed in these industries is a major trend in modern development. Overall, the CNC lathe presents the following three trends:


The scale of China's CNC machine tool industry may exceed 400 billion yuan! Domestic high-end CNC machine tool market share steadily increased

CCTV Finance "punctuation Finance") CNC machine tools are automated machine tools controlled by system programs. Compared with traditional machine tools, they can process more complex and precise parts. Recently, with the rise of downstream industries such as new energy vehicles, aerospace, and wind power, the manufacturing upgrade cycle has risen, and the sales of many CNC machine tool companies have achieved rapid growth. In the first quarter of 2023, half of the 20 listed companies in the-share machine tool industry achieved revenue growth.


CNC machine tools in the future 12 major trends!

At present, the development of CNC machine tools with each passing day, high-speed, high-precision, composite, intelligent, open, parallel drive, networking, extreme, green has become the trend and direction of the development of CNC machine tools. As a big manufacturing country, China mainly relies on its comparative advantages in labor, price and resources, while there is still a big gap between China and its foreign counterparts in terms of technological innovation and independent development of products.


Special Analysis of Machine Tool Industry: Industrial Mother Machine, Fast Breakthrough

China is firmly in the leading position of the world's manufacturing country, and the proportion of manufacturing value added in the world is increasing. China's manufacturing value added increased from US $625.2 billion in 2004 to US $4975.6 billion in 2022. During this period, China's manufacturing value added CAGR was about 12.21 percent, and its global share increased from 8.61 percent to 30.38 percent, while the global manufacturing value added CAGR was only about 4.62 percent during the same period. China's speed far exceeded the global average. After the negative impact of the external economic environment, China's manufacturing fixed asset investment has gradually recovered and maintained a relatively rapid growth rate. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics on Wind, as of May 2023, China's manufacturing fixed asset investment has increased by 6% year-on-year.


From big to strong! China's CNC machine tool industry has entered a period of rapid rise, Ningbo Jingda and other benefits.

The machine tool, known as the "industrial mother machine", is the core unit to realize the large-scale and standardized operation of industrial enterprises. In recent years, with the increasing degree of automation and intelligence in the industrial field, affected by the upgrading of industrial structure, the industry has put forward higher requirements for the core indicators such as machining accuracy, efficiency and stability of machine tools, especially CNC machine tools. According to CCTV News and other authoritative media reports, with the strong support of the government, my country has made great progress in the independent research and development of high-end CNC machine tools. Among them, the Longmen series of Shenyang Machine Tools has successfully crossed the 0.01mm industry threshold. Driven by the head companies, my country's CNC machine tool companies are making full efforts in the mid-to-high-end product market. The localization and high-end level of the CNC machine tool industry that has entered the upward cycle has been continuously improved. The scale of domestic and foreign markets has continued to expand, and more companies have The strength to set sail to sea and participate in global competition.