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Inner Hole Rotating Pull Handle

Model: P54171-ST

The company's main products are polyether, modified MDI, amine catalyst, silicone oil, pigment and so on. Mainly used in home sponges, cars, toys, ice pads, rubber wheels, etc.

Keywords: polyether, MDI, silicone oil, color paste, pore opener, plasticizer, release agent, gel, silica gel



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  • Inner hole rotating broaching handle/model: P54171-ST

    Polygonolar are a leading manufacturer of high-quality, compact rotary broaching tools designed for Swiss-type and other precision machines.

    Halder reduces set-up time and helps eliminate operator error in any CNC mill or lathe. Simply put the knife holder that does not need to be adjusted into your machine, and you can rotate the broach.

    The PULIAN rotary pull handle is a special handle designed for Swiss slitting lathes (coring machines) and is also suitable for other micro CNC machine tools.

    Rotary pull handle: P5471-ST
    Inner hole blade model use: NG8 series

    Straight Handle (SD)/Straight Handle D L L1 I2 SD Order#
    22mm 49 60 45 28 22 P5471-ST

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