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● The spindle drive adopts the built-in spindle motor with low vibration and high rotation accuracy ● Adopt fast moving speed of 20 m/min to reduce empty cycle time ● Using rotatable panel, good operability ● Spindle standard C- axis function ● Cutting area to maximize the visual area and operating space ● Full oil lubrication of guide rails and silk words to improve accuracy retention

The company's main products are polyether, modified MDI, amine catalyst, silicone oil, pigment and so on. Mainly used in home sponges, cars, toys, ice pads, rubber wheels, etc.

Keywords: polyether, MDI, silicone oil, color paste, pore opener, plasticizer, release agent, gel, silica gel




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    Model No. CK1101 Numerical Control CNC/MNC
    Processing Precision 0.01 ~ 0.02(mm) Performance Classification Mid-Range CNC Machine Tools
    Certification ISO 9001 Condition New
    Transport Package Wooden Box Packaging Specification 1890mm * 940mm * 1750mm
    Origin China Production Capacity 5000Pieces/Year


    Product Description

    CK1101II CNC Longitudinal Cutting Automatic Lathe

    CK1101II series CNC CNC longitudinal cutting automatic lathe, specialized in high precision machining of small parts.Automatic cycle processing of cold drawn rod material (usually within 0.02mm, 0.2mm / 1000mm, and the accuracy of the rod shall not be lower than the accuracy of the processed parts).Can complete the shaft parts of the car outer circle, front drilling, front tapping, front boring, car thread, cutting groove, horizontal drilling, milling side, milling groove, radial tapping, cutting and other processes.

    The machine tool is equipped with feeder interface, connected with the feeder, realize automatic feeding.The machine spindle adopts built-in spindle motor structure (electric spindle), the bearing adopts imported high-precision centripetal thrust angle contact ball bearing, with high rigidity and high stability; the motor adopts FANUC built-in spindle motor, short rise and deceleration time, Cs axis control and separation function; compact structure, stable operation, low vibration and low noise.

    The machine tool adopts the row blade frame, spindle box movement, can be cut without center frame (no guide sleeve); when the full stroke rotary center frame, the slender shaft parts can be processed with high precision.The machine tool has the characteristics of high accuracy, compact structure, small footprint, convenient operation and beautiful shape.


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  • Specification, Parameters And Accuracy Indicators

    Description Unit CK1101II
    Max.Bar.Diameter mm Φ1
    Max.Cutting Length mm 30
    Spindie Rpm r/min 16000
    Number Of Tools   7
    Main Motor Power KW 0.5/0.75
    Repeatability mm 0.002
    System/Controlled Axes       FANUC 0i-TF Plus/3 Axis
    Rapid Feed Rate m/min 20
    Overall Dimension mm 1890 × 940 × 1750
    Weight kg ~ 1100
  • CK1101II CNC Slitting Automatic Lathe

    Product Introduction

    The machine tool is a CNC slitting automatic lathe, which is specially used for high-precision processing of small parts. The machine tool uses bar materials for automatic cycle processing of continuous loading and unloading, and can complete processes such as turning the outer circle, threading, grooving, horizontal drilling, square milling, groove milling, radial tapping, and cutting of shaft parts.

    Features Of The Machine Tool

    It adopts FANUC built-in spindle motor, which has short speed up and down times, and has Cs axis control and indexing functions; It has compact structure, stable operation, low vibration and low noise; It adopts a rapid movement speed of 20m/min to reduce empty cycles; The visible area and operating space of the cutting area are maximized; the rotatable panel is used for good operability; the machine tool adopts a row-type tool holder, which can perform high-precision processing of slender shaft parts; the machine tool is equipped with a material machine interface and is online with the material machine Finally, automatic loading of multiple bars can be realized; The machine tool has the characteristics of high precision, compact structure, small footprint, easy operation, and beautiful appearance.

    Application Industries

    This machine tool is mainly aimed at the processing industry of precision shaft parts ≤1mm such as semiconductor probes. 

  • Established in August 2019 in Hong Kong, our main business is the research and development, production, and international trade services of machine tools, components, and related accessories. Our company is committed to providing customers with Φ 0.1~ Φ A complete solution for processing 7.0mm slender shaft parts and providing auxiliary tool machines, including grinding tool specialized machines, grinding flat drill specialized machines, fully automatic multi station CNC specialized machines, etc. Other available accessories include turning tools, chucks, chuck guides, and feeders. The product is widely used in fields such as aerospace, communication, home appliances, hardware, clocks, medical equipment, and automotive accessories. At present, customers have spread to Europe, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and other regions. The company has three cooperative enterprises established in Guangdong Province for nearly 20 years each, and has multiple exhibition halls, factories, and offices. Therefore, the company's vision is to connect industry partners at home and abroad, and solve practical problems for customers.
    Current main products (in stock):
    1. Mechanical equipment: focus on Φ 0.1~ Φ A CNC longitudinal cutting automatic lathe with 7.0mm slender shaft parts, equipped with an independently developed operating system. Its main models include KC114, KC117, CK1101, CK1104, etc;
    2. Accessories/Accessories: Feeding machine, self-developed grinding machine, special working machine for grinding turning tools, special working machine for grinding flat drills, fully automatic multi station CNC special machine, industrial consumables, etc;
    3. Equipment components: turning blade, tool holder, spring chuck/guide sleeve, lubricant, grinding and cutting consumables, etc
    4. We can customize products according to the actual needs of customers.

  • 1 Who are you?
    We are Kaiyuan Precision Machinery (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. We have two production bases in China.
    We are a professional precision lathe manufacturer and service provider dedicated to machining solutions for small diameter shafts and pinhole parts.
    KC series CAM CNC machine tool is the first product developed and manufactured by our company, and has a number of invention patents.
    Welcome to visit our factory.
    2. What is the delivery/delivery cycle of your machine?
    One month off season, three months in high season.
    3. What are the acceptable payment terms?
    We can accept payment by wire transfer.
    4. This machine is easy to learn?
    Yes, it's easy to learn. Detailed manual will be provided with the machine, we can provide online teaching by video call and translation with engineers.
    5. Can we go to your factory to learn how to use this machine?
    We sincerely welcome you to our beautiful city. Training is free. It will be our pleasure.
    6. How do I choose a machine?
    For model selection, please send us the drawings of the turned parts, our engineers will evaluate them and provide a suitable configuration of the CNC lathe that suits your needs.
    7. How about demonstrations and tests? 
    We have a training center for customers to learn how to operate the machine. You are welcome to visit our factory and showroom for machine demonstration at any time. In addition, we can make a demonstration according to your turned parts drawings.
    8. Where is our factory? How can I visit there?
    Our factory is located in Panyu City, Guangdong Province, China. Our showroom is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. Warmly welcome you to visit our factory and showroom.
    9. Can we start with a small quantity? What is the minimum order quantity? 
    Yes, we can accept the order of 1 set.
    We want to know:
    (1) What is your industrial voltage?
    (2) We strongly recommend that you tell us the size and material of your workpiece for our evaluation. If possible, it is best to send us your workpiece drawings so that we can recommend the most suitable model to you.

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