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Nine Station Automatic CNC Lathe

The company's main products are polyether, modified MDI, amine catalyst, silicone oil, pigment and so on. Mainly used in home sponges, cars, toys, ice pads, rubber wheels, etc.

Keywords: polyether, MDI, silicone oil, color paste, pore opener, plasticizer, release agent, gel, silica gel



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    Machine function:

    Automatic loading, unloading, drilling center, drilling tail hole, milling welding cup, splitting groove, dumpling hole,Shrinkage, drilling side holes, chamfering, milling flat positions (Some functions can be selected)


    Processed products:


    Machine tool characteristics: fully automatic operation, high precision, high efficiency, high output, and stable quality

    Fully automatic loading and unloading, multifunctional processing completed in one go, high efficiency. 3 CNC+full server control, precise and stable size.
    High precision screw and guide rail, stable machine operation, and high machining accuracy.
    High speed, high-precision electric spindle drilling, slotting, milling R, precise size, and stable quality.

    Dedicated software, simple and convenient for machine debugging, and easy to learn training for newcomers.

    Machine specifications:
    Machine size: 1300 * 1300 * 1900mm
    Software: Independently developed CNC system
    Total weight: 650KG
    Power supply voltage: 220V
    Air source pressure: 5-6Bar
    Processing workpiece diameter: 0.5~5mm
    Processing workpiece length: 5-50 mm
    Splitting groove length: 0.1-8 mm
    Milling R length: 0.1-8 mm
    Bore diameter: 0.1-4.0 mm
    Processing accuracy:+/-0.01mm
    Efficiency: Nine steps 7-12 seconds per piece (some functions can also be selected)

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