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Working principle of gas wall-mounted boiler

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2022/05/19 16:19

Speaking of this product, I believe that friends all know that it is very important in winter, and the purpose of making hot water can be achieved through natural gas. However, attention should be paid to the use of gas wall-mounted boilers. If you do not choose, the later heating effect will be very poor. What is the working principle of the gas boiler? Then, let's explain it to you. The working principle of the gas wall-mounted boiler: When the ignition switch of the gas wall-mounted boiler is in working state, the fan is started, and a negative pressure difference is formed in the combustion chamber. The air pressure switch sends instructions to the water pump. When the water pump is started, the water flow switch sends instructions to the high-voltage discharger. The gas proportional valve sends instructions and the gas proportional valve starts. Due to the negative pressure in the combustion chamber, the natural gas will not accumulate and burn, and there will be no knocking phenomenon, which realizes quiet ignition and ultra-quiet, and avoids the occurrence of dangerous accidents. This standard can identify the stability of the furnace. The gas proportional valve, air pressure switch and smoke exhaust guide switch are under interlocking control. Only a certain negative pressure gas proportional valve in the combustion chamber can work. If the smoke exhaust guide switch cannot detect the exhaust emission for 5 seconds, cut off the gas proportional valve and stop the gas supply to ensure the safe use of gas. As a traditional heating technology brand in Germany, Saint-Santlets (Saint-Tres), our company's main brands and businesses are Saint-Tres, wall-hung boiler investment, wall-hung boiler brand, module furnace brand, steam engine brand, etc. At the same time, our company is also a well-known wall-mounted boiler supplier and wall-mounted boiler manufacturer. With rich experience in the production and application of heating systems, its products combine traditional technology with manufacturing technology. Products are widely used in residential heating, regional heating, commercial, industrial steam engine and other fields, by the user's trust and praise. And with high-end quality, quality service and reasonable price to provide customers with high-quality wall-hanging furnace products. You can safely choose it.

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