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How to carry out gas wall-mounted boiler maintenance

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2022/05/20 14:46

What is the maintenance method of the gas wall-mounted boiler? Everyone has their own set of principles when choosing heating tools. Gas wall-mounted boilers are very popular in heating tools. The wall hanging furnace is actually the abbreviation of the gas wall hanging furnace. The indoor temperature controller can be externally connected to better control the temperature and achieve the purpose of energy saving. Then, let us briefly understand the maintenance method of gas wall-mounted boiler. 1. The cause of insufficient pressure failure: After the gas wall-mounted boiler has been running for a long time, the heating system will have a certain pressure drop, which is a normal phenomenon. There may be two reasons: a: The internal pipe sealing of the heating system is not strict, which causes the system to drip, and the internal water shortage causes the water to drip; the internal expansion tank is too small. Lack of air can also cause water pressure to drop. Maintenance method of gas wall-mounted boiler: If it is the former case, the heating system needs to be checked and repaired; if it is the second case, the expansion tank of the system needs to be installed to fill it. There are many reasons for the fire: people will adjust the faucet when using the gas wall-mounted boiler. If the cold water is too large, the hot water of the boiler will become smaller. On the contrary, if the hot water of the tap is too large, the cold water of the boiler will become smaller. This will cause fire fluctuations and hot water fluctuations in the gas wall-mounted boiler. Maintenance method of gas wall-mounted boiler: When using gas wall-mounted boiler, adjust the temperature of the wall-mounted boiler to an appropriate position, and do not open too many taps to avoid hot hand frequency and stable cold water. 3. Reasons for leakage of water storage tanks or water pipes: If the gas wall-mounted boiler at home leaks, we should pay attention. Most of this is due to leakage at the joint. The maintenance method of the gas wall hanging boiler: the sealing ring may be damaged or the installation is unqualified. Replace or reinstall the sealing ring.

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