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Introduction to gas wall-mounted boiler

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2022/05/24 09:07

Gas boiler originated in Europe, there are hundreds of years of history. Today, wall-mounted boilers from Europe have a long history of development, mature technology and excellent quality, and have become the darling of the market. The full name of the wall-mounted furnace is: gas wall-mounted heating furnace. It is a kind of rapid heating equipment without storage hot water device, but there are essential differences in structure. The gas wall-mounted boiler has a strong family centralized heating function, which can meet the heating needs of multiple bedrooms. In addition, it can also take into account the function of hot water bath. The heating function of the gas wall-mounted boiler is affected by the local climate conditions and building insulation conditions. It has anti-freezing protection, dry burning protection, accidental flameout protection, over-temperature protection, water pump anti-lock protection and other safety protection measures. It can be connected to the indoor temperature controller to realize personalized temperature adjustment and energy saving. According to statistics, the use of indoor temperature controllers can save 20-28% of gas costs. What factors are related to the gas consumption of gas wall-mounted boilers? 1. Local climatic conditions. The local average temperature in winter is very important for the selection of wall-mounted boilers. The indoor temperature value is fixed in winter, but because the average temperature value is low in winter, the heating power of the gas wall-mounted boiler can be higher. If the average temperature is higher, the heating power of the gas wall-mounted boiler can be lower. 2. Building insulation. Buildings in many large northern cities have adopted three-step energy-saving measures. Even if there are no heating facilities, the indoor temperature of rooms that meet this insulation standard can reach 13°C to 15°C. Most new houses in some small and medium-sized cities and rural areas use traditional building models. These two buildings have completely different heating power requirements for gas wall-mounted boilers, that is, the former is lower and the latter is higher. The gas wall-mounted boiler is different from other gas equipment, the installation position is special, the gas consumption is large, and it is a product with high safety requirements. Therefore, all gas wall-mounted boilers need to pass strict safety and environmental protection standard tests before they can be put on the market. With the development of products, the test standards are constantly updated. All kinds of gas boiler products have corresponding and accurate special safety testing standards.

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