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Miura boiler: this basic knowledge of the boiler you know?

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2022/05/24 09:07

In our daily life, Sanpu boilers, biomass fuel steam boilers and other boilers are very common, but do you know the basic knowledge of this kind of boiler? Let us master it together:

1. Sanpu boiler should be repaired?

For the Miura boiler, it is necessary to carefully complete and carry out its maintenance work to increase its service life and improve the efficiency of the boiler.


On the Sanpu boiler, if there is running, emitting, dripping, leakage, etc., it should be removed immediately. For some exposed gate valves, stuck anchor bolts and other thematic activities, regular maintenance should be carried out, whether to give oil. Also, to prevent bite problems. In addition, the external environment of the boiler is tested at least once a year.

2. Sanpu boiler is environmental protection and energy saving boiler?

From a technical professional point of view, Sanpu boiler is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving boiler. Therefore, the answer to this question is beyond doubt. In addition, compared with traditional boiler machinery and equipment, it can be environmentally friendly and energy-saving by more than 30%. In the ignition technology, there are back burning, cracking, high temperature ignition and sufficient ignition. In terms of material use, it is also relatively small.


3. What is the main raw material of the Miura boiler? What boiler is its structure similar?

Miura boiler, its raw material type, mainly including coal, biomass and its coal and biomass fuel mixed raw materials. This boiler, structural type, is similar to the Miura boiler. However, it must be understood that for different models and specifications of boilers, there are certain differences in their actual internal structure. Therefore, care should be taken to prevent problems and unnecessary inconveniences.

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