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What are the advantages of modular boilers over condensing boilers?

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2022/05/24 09:07

The energy saving of modular boilers has always been a concern. Compared with the module boiler, the price of the module boiler is cleaner, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate, but the cost is slightly higher than that of the module boiler. What are the advantages of modular boilers?


First of all, the module boiler does not require coal ash stacking and saves land

The second is to save the auxiliary production water of the condensing boiler. The normal production water of the condensing boiler and the module boiler may not be much different, but the module boiler saves the auxiliary water used by the module boiler for dust removal and slag removal.

Third, layoffs. Module boilers require less auxiliary equipment than condensing boilers, fewer employees, and fewer wages and expenses.

Four is to save the condensing boiler production electricity. The condensing boiler has few auxiliary equipment such as fuel transportation, low power, short continuous operation time, low power consumption and low cost.

Fifth, reduce labor intensity. Sanpu boiler needs high-intensity manual labor in the process of coal conveying and slag discharge, while the labor intensity of Sanpu boiler workers is small.

1. The timely maintenance of Sanpu boiler can make the operation of Sanpu boiler more stable and prevent accidents. Regular maintenance and inspection of Miura boilers will help to obtain greater returns and reduce reinvestment costs.

2. The daily maintenance of low-nitrogen boilers can improve the thermal efficiency of low-nitrogen boilers. Good maintenance can reduce fuel and energy costs and make low-nitrogen boilers run as efficiently as possible. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection of low-nitrogen boilers can improve the thermal efficiency of low-nitrogen boilers.


Daily maintenance can prevent accidents such as boiler emergency shutdown, and regular boiler maintenance can reduce accidents. Safety has always been a greater concern in all factories. Accidents not only pose a threat to personal safety, but also cause huge structural damage to facilities. Good maintenance of industrial boilers helps to safely identify and correct potential problems before accidents occur and prevent boiler-related accidents.

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