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How to use the gas boiler?

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2022/05/25 14:00

In the cold winter winter, as the temperature drops, the use of gas wall-mounted boilers has become the main method of heating for many people. For new gas wall-mounted boiler users, how to operate the gas wall-mounted boiler correctly and safely, the following small side will share with you how to use the gas wall-mounted boiler? Due to the standard gas wall-mounted boiler, there are generally two different operation modes of heating and sanitary hot water. There are also two optional functions on the gas wall-mounted boiler control panel. In winter, we can use the gas wall-mounted boiler to provide heating and hot water functions. The hot water function is preferred, or it is automatically switched according to the user's use. In summer, the gas wall-mounted boiler is in a waiting state and only uses hot water to enter the hot water mode. The temperature control of the gas wall-mounted boiler generally takes constant temperature as the main principle. The water temperature heated on the heating floor is generally kept at about 60 degrees. If the temperature of the boiler is within 80 degrees, then within 40 degrees, this is a very unscientific working heating method. If the temperature of the boiler is within 40 degrees after work, this is a very non-energy-saving working mode,.

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