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Precautions for installation of wall-mounted boiler

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2022/05/25 14:00

There are many things that need to be paid attention to in the installation of wall-mounted boilers. I believe many friends may not understand it. Next, let the editor give you a brief introduction. The non-standard and unreasonable behavior in the installation of wall-mounted boilers is one of the reasons that seriously affect the smooth use of wall-mounted boilers. Due to the uneven technical level of wall-mounted boiler installation technicians, some wall-mounted boiler equipment cannot operate normally after installation, so let's take a look at the matters needing attention during installation with Xiaobian. 1. The installation method of wall-hanging boiler is ordinary gas water heater; 2. The centralized heating pipe and terminal equipment are installed with wall-hanging boiler pipeline system; 3. The installation method of wall-hanging boiler pipeline and terminal equipment is earth heater; 4. The installation of solar energy, kitchen and bathroom products and building plumbing pipes. When installed, it should be able to ensure the balance of the terminal. Pipes should be installed in parallel or in series to each terminal, including floor heating and radiators, and the temperature difference at each terminal should be as small as possible. In this way, the temperature difference of the wall-mounted boiler should be as small as possible, even if the water temperature difference should be as small as possible. If this kind of problem occurs, dry burning and shutdown may occur. therefore, we should pay attention to preventing such problems. The above is a brief introduction to the matters needing attention when installing the wall hanging boiler. I hope I can help you after you read it.

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