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How to correctly operate the pressure gas boiler

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2022/05/26 14:24

Boilers are widely used in various industries and are related to our food, clothing, housing and transportation. As a kind of high-temperature and high-pressure thermal energy equipment, pressure gas boilers are widely used special equipment. If you do not pay attention to the use, the operation is wrong, it is easy to cause equipment damage and serious consequences. Many users have questions about how to correctly operate the pressure gas boiler. Zhongjie specially installed it to give you the answer.


No overpressure of 1. boiler

Since the acceptable pressure of the pressure gas boiler has been determined in advance through accurate calculations, the boiler cannot exceed a certain range of pressure at will. Due to the different thickness and testing requirements of the steel used in different pressure boilers, if the rules are not strictly followed, the overpressure boiler may have serious consequences.



2. strictly comply with boiler specifications

According to the different pressure, gas boilers can be divided into high-pressure boilers and pressure boilers, and there are certain differences between the two. The difference is that the manufacturing quality and testing methods of atmospheric pressure boilers cannot be applied to pressure boilers, which are directly connected to the atmosphere and are always in a zero state. Therefore, the pressure gas boiler cannot be changed to an atmospheric pressure boiler, otherwise it will lead to serious results.


3. boiler safety accessories essential

The pressure gas boiler is not only equipped with water level gauge, pressure gauge and safety valve and other safety accessories, but also equipped with water level alarm and overpressure alarm. These accessories and equipment are the pressure boiler to "communicate" with people. Therefore, the safety accessories of the gas boiler are essential. These safety accessories can be used for pressure boiler "temper" It is understood that the operator can timely and accurately judge the abnormal situation of the equipment, ensure the normal operation of the gas boiler, and avoid serious consequences such as equipment explosion. Clean the water level gauge regularly every day to avoid blockage, check the pressure gauge and safety valve on time, and do a good job of exhaust test.


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